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Form a significant fancy with high-quality storefront doors fro Fred The Doorman Services, LLC. Our experts repair storefront and installation team.

If you own a business establishment or office, it’s important for you to find sturdy storefront doors that will match your building’s exteriors and interiors. At Ftds Door Service, LLC, you can choose from different styles, sizes, and brands! We can even install new doors for you or repair what you have on your property.

Types of Storefront Doors We Offer

Almost all of the doors you find in South Florida are aluminum. These are durable in any weather and bring light to the office space and storefront plaza.

We offer various styles of glass storefront door including narrow, medium, and wide stile doors for exterior and interior applications. These can be standard or ADA-approved. You can also order tempered, laminated, impacted, or one-way mirror doors.

The usual colors of aluminum doors are clear anodized, bronze anodized, and white. If you have certain preferences, these can be custom-painted to suit your needs. They also come with accessories such as handles, push bars, and offset pull handles.

Our Services

Glass Replacement

We offer 24-hour emergency glass door repair services. Call us anytime and we’ll be at your place of business in no time. Our team will secure your glass and storefront doors right away.

Lock Services

  • Repair
  • Rekey
  • Installation

Door Repair

Is your door sagging, misaligned, or about to fall off from its pivots or hinges? We can fix these problems for you. We specialize in Herculite glass doors. Aside from these, we handle other issues:

  • Your door slams or closes very quickly.
  • Oil leaks from the door closer.
  • The door lock doesn’t work.
  • Your door won’t close.
  • Your door is dragging or too loose.

We can also help you with:

  • Door Hinges Replacement
  • Door Pivot Adjustment and Replacement
  • Continuous Geared Hinges Installation
  • Door Closer Repair
  • Surface-Mount or Concealed Door Closer Installation
  • Alarm Lock Device Installation
  • Door Lock Repair
  • Door Reinforcement
  • Door Hardware Repair and Replacement
  • Buzzer System Installation
  • Magnetic Lock Installation
  • Automatic Door Closer Installation
  • Fire-Rated Door Repair
  • Steel Hollow Metal Door Repair

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